Cristian Kaigler is a Syracuse, NY-born filmmaker, photographer and editor, currently working in Atlanta, GA and beyond.

Known for portraiture, live music photography and video work, he is a multifaceted creative, who’s work spans across multiple mediums such as photography, film, art, writing and more.

Work Process

With a subtle minimalistic methodology, Cristian has a regal approach to his work that shines through with his ability to highlight Black & Brown bodies in a tasteful manner.

Cristian's works have been viewed in many major arenas across the United States and Canada, as well as numerous art galleries in the state of New York.


Cristian Kaigler is not currently represented by anyone. All inquiries are reviewed by Cristian personally.

If you wish to represent Cristian Kaigler in any form, he is open to connecting and establishing a potential client-agent relationship.

Please direct all inquiries through the contact form >HERE<.

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