Cristian Kaigler 2019 Reel, official compilation of video projects directed by Cristian Kaigler.

Cristian Kaigler // Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Did That Trailer, official trailer for Did That music video performed by Jellyman.

Cristian Kaigler // Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Dark Stout Freestyle Trailer, official trailer for Dark Stout Freestyle music video performed by Ya Boy Majik.

Cristian Kaigler // Director, Cinematographer, Editor

"SELF PORTRAIT." Trailer I, the first preview trailer of "SELF PORTRAIT.", a short documentary of Alanne Rose. The film is inspired by her family history and deep appreciation of clothing as a form of expression, all capsulized within a fashion collection.

Cristian Kaigler // Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Kamey Gomez x Spanish Harlem Trailer, promotional trailer for Kamey Gomez's captivating poem performed exclusively at Syracuse University.

Cristian Kaigler // Producer, Editor

DJ Zel x Smooky MarGielaa Trailer, a short preview of HOT 97'S "WHO'S NEXT?" BEHIND THE SCENES. This trailer is a quick look into DJ Zel deejaying for Smooky MarGielaa at SOB's.

Cristian Kaigler // Director, Cinematographer, Editor


FEEL THAT FUNK: A SHORT FILM (2018), explores the importance of celebrating what it is to be black in times of uncertainty, where one cannot exist without some type of backlash. The film aims to empower and show black folks in a way that breaks all boundaries; Pride, regality, fun, and laughter.

3 min 23 sec | Short | 10 August 2018 (USA)

Cristian Kaigler // Producer, Director, DOP, Cinematography, Production Design, Lighting, Editor, VFX, Photography

Notes: The film has since been featured on The Internet's 2018 Hive Mind Tour, playing at high profile arenas such as the Barclays Center and Dodger Stadium.

HOT 97'S "WHO'S NEXT?" BEHIND THE SCENES (2017), a look behind the scenes of Hot 97's Who's Next? at SOB's in New York City on September 12th, 2017.

7 min 49 sec | Documentary, Short | 1 December 2017 (USA)

Cristian Kaigler // Producer, Director, DOP, Cinematography, Editor

Notes: The film features DJ Zel, Smooky MarGielaa, Drew Drippy, ASAP Twelvyy, ASAP Ant, and Ski Mask the Slump God.

"SELF PORTRAIT." (2018), inspired by her family history and deep appreciation for clothing as a form of expression, Atlanta native, Alanne Rose, capsulizes these elements within a fashion collection. Motivated by high fashion and streetwear, this film is both a celebration and protest as Alanne deconstructs fabric and materials to create conceptually layered garments influenced by her family.

5 min | Documentary, Short | 25 April 2018 (USA)

Cristian Kaigler // Producer, Director, DOP, Cinematography, Editor

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